Hercules SLR Switches to N4 Systems' Field ID for their RFID Based Inspection System

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – April 1st, 2008 – Hercules SLR has switched to the market leading RFID based inspection and safety compliance system, Field ID, to manage all their inspections.  Hercules SLR switched to Field ID for its ability to scale and handle thousands of inspections as well as N4 System's unmatched customer service. 

"We started using RFID and mobile computers for inspections about one year ago.  Hercules SLR conducts thousands of inspections and we need a reliable system to manage our inspections.  Field ID has met and surpassed all our expectations.  Not only does Field ID handle the huge amount of inspections we do, N4 System's has done an excellent job of delivering what they said they would and more importantly when they said they would." noted Chris Giannou, President of Hercules SLR.

"Hercules SLR is a large multi-location organization that requires a very scalable and stable inspection system to handle the amount of inspections they conduct.  Field ID is built to scale indefinitely.  Software is the most important part of an RFID-based inspection system, and by switching, Hercules SLR has demonstrated that Field ID is the most advanced system in the market." said Shaun Ricci, CTO of N4 Systems. 

"We are extremely happy that Hercules SLR has switched to Field ID.  This is a great example of how Field ID is the market leading inspection and safety compliance solution." said Somen Mondal, President & CEO of N4 Systems. 

About Hercules SLR:

Hercules SLR has 8 securing, lifting and rigging shops throughout 5 provinces. With over 200 employees, Hercules SLR offers everything from product sales, engineering, rentals, training and inspection to custom fabrication. Hercules SLR's mission is to pursue excellence in products, service and people in order to exceed customer expectations.  For more information, call 902-482-3125 or visit http://www.herculesslr.com.

About N4 Systems:

N4 Systems Inc. is the world's leading provider of automated inspection and safety compliance management software for companies of all sizes.  Through its flagship product line, Field ID, N4 Systems offers an integrated product line that combines advanced RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, state-of-the-art wireless handheld mobile computing, highly secure data management, distribution and storage, remote system management and support, and optimized high speed World Wide Web network integration.  Field ID customers enjoy the many benefits of reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, accuracy and reliability, rapid data distribution and access, fully automated compliance and inspection forms and secure data storage allowing for real-time access to current and historical inspection data.  Field ID makes the world of paperless safety compliance and inspections a reality.

For more information, call 1-416-599-6464 or 1-800-99-N4SYS toll-free in North America.  Email us at contact@n4systems.com, or visit http://www.n4systems.com.

For more information contact:

Shaun Ricci
N4 Systems Inc.
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Fax: 647-477-2711

Jeff Giannou
Hercules SLR
Phone: 902-482-3125
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