John Sakach Co. Selects N4 Systems' Field ID to Manage their RFID Based Inspection and Safety Services and joins the Field ID Safety Network

Granite City, IL – November 14, 2008 – John Sakach Co. has selected the marketing leading automated inspection and real-time safety compliance management system, Field ID, to manage their inspection, testing, certification and repair services.  After almost two years of using start-up programs and seeing a rapid increase in the number of rigging products to track, Field ID Distributor Edition will enable John Sakach Co. to have full safety traceability of products they sell as well as take advantage of the Field ID Safety Network; sharing safety critical data with their vendors and customers. 

“We believe that RFID-enabled products are great for our customers; we have been utilizing RFID enabled tags on all of our chain slings for almost two years.  We do however realize that RFID alone doesn’t mean much and we needed to select the right software to take advantage of RFID.  After a careful comparison, N4 Systems’ Field ID was clearly the solution we were looking for.  Field ID embodies ease of use and safety traceability, two things that are very important to our customers.  We look forward to working with N4 Systems”, noted John Sakach, President of John Sakach Co.

“John Sakach Co. carefully selected the solution that would not only help them internally, but help their customers as well.  Ease of use was one of the biggest concerns for John Sakach Co.  Field ID was built from the ground up with different users of different skill levels in mind.  Field ID makes managing inspections and safety compliance extremely easy for John Sakach’s customers.  We are extremely excited to be working with a forward thinking company like John Sakach Co.”, said Somen Mondal, CEO of N4 Systems.

About John Sakach Co.:

With over 50 years of rigging excellence, John Sakach Co. continues to raise the level of quality our customers expect for their rigging needs.  John Sakach Co. provides full ISO 9001:2000 Certification for their products to give their customers peace of mind that rigging that is being supplied is of the highest quality.

About the Field ID Safety Network:

The Field ID Safety Network provides the first complete safety traceability service for organizations of all sizes.  The Field ID Safety Network provides never before seen safety traceability by connecting each party involved in the safety compliance process including manufacturers, distributors, inspectors and end users.  The Field ID Safety Network allows users to eliminate compliance paperwork and greatly reduce errors, guesswork and liability inherent with paper-based compliance and inspection management.  Most importantly, the Field ID Safety Network creates safer workplaces and prevents accidents.

About N4 Systems:

N4 Systems Inc. is the world’s leading provider of automated inspection and real-time safety compliance management software for companies of all sizes.  Through its flagship product line, Field ID, N4 Systems offers an integrated product line that combines advanced RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, state-of-the-art wireless hand held mobile computing, highly secure data management, distribution and storage, remote system management and support, and optimized high speed World Wide Web network integration.  Field ID customers enjoy the many benefits of reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, accuracy and reliability. By utilizing rapid data distribution and access, fully automated compliance and inspection forms and secure data storage, Field ID allows for real-time access to current and historical inspection data. Field ID makes the world of paperless safety compliance and inspections a reality.
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