Sea-Fit Joins N4 Systems’ Field ID Safety Network

Toronto, ON – April 13 2009 – Sea-Fit, a manufacturer of lifting and mooring products, will be joining N4 Systems’ Field ID Safety Network.  Field ID Manufacturer Edition will enable Sea-Fit to have full safety traceability of the products they sell as well as take advantage of the Field ID Safety Network; sharing safety critical data with their vendors and customers. 

“Tagging our products with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one thing, but providing safety traceability and a system to take advantage of RFID is completely different.  Working with N4 Systems and Field ID, we have been able to use RFID tags and offer our customers never before seen safety pedigrees on our products.  Field ID gives our customers an extremely easy way to store and share inspections and other safety related information.  We aren’t just applying RFID tags to our products; we are providing a true value-added service to our customers”, noted Mike Hall, President of Sea-Fit.

“Working with progressive manufacturers like Sea-Fit is a testament to the Field ID Safety Network and the benefits it provides.  We were introduced to Sea-Fit through Halo Supply, a customer of ours.  Now Halo, and companies on the Field ID Safety Network, can access the required material certifications and product history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This technology is right in line with the current and future safety needs of the offshore oil industry.  We look forward to working with Sea-Fit.”, noted Somen Mondal, CEO of N4 Systems.

About Sea-Fit, Inc.:

Sea-Fit is a new company affiliated with Sea-Land Distributors in New Orleans, Louisiana and was created to offer a line of high quality rigging and mooring fittings to the heavy lift and offshore industries.  Products currently include heavy lift shackles, mooring sockets and chain connection fittings used to secure floating drilling rigs in deep water applications.  For more information on Sea-Fit, go to

About the Field ID Safety Network:

The Field ID Safety Network provides the first complete safety traceability service for organizations of all sizes.  The Field ID Safety Network provides never before seen safety traceability by connecting each party involved in the safety compliance process including manufacturers, distributors, inspectors and end users.  The Field ID Safety Network allows users to eliminate compliance paperwork and greatly reduce errors, guesswork and liability inherent with paper-based compliance and inspection management.  Most importantly, the Field ID Safety Network creates safer workplaces and prevents accidents. 

About N4 Systems:

N4 Systems Inc. is the market leader in Inspection and Safety Compliance Management (ISCM) for companies of all sizes.  Through its flagship product line, Field ID, N4 Systems offers an integrated product line that combines advanced RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, state-of-the-art wireless handheld mobile computing, highly secure data management, distribution and storage, remote system management and support, and optimized high speed World Wide Web network integration.  Field ID customers enjoy the many benefits of reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, accuracy and reliability, rapid data distribution and access, fully automated compliance and inspection forms and secure data storage allowing for real-time access to current and historical inspection data.  Field ID makes the world of paperless safety compliance and inspections a reality.

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