Unirope Ltd. Deploys N4 Systems' Field ID for their RFID Based Inspection System

Mississauga, Ontario – September 6, 2006 Unirope Ltd. is the first manufacturer to deploy N4 Systems' RFID (radio frequency identification) based inspection system, Field ID. Field ID's unique combination of mobile computers, RFID and the web will be used to manage all of Unirope's inspections.

Unirope Ltd. provides synthetic and chain slings to aid in industrial rigging applications. Their products are used in environments such as automotive plants, nuclear power generation, heavy manufacturing and other environments that involve lifting and moving of large objects. These products provided by Unirope are mandated to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are up to safety specifications. Unirope needed a better method of tracking and recording these inspections to improve the inspection audit trails and also to supply a better mechanism for providing the inspection data to their end users. Identifying these products in harsh environments was a particular challenge, and one that RFID was turned to in an effort to solve.

“Our customer demanded full traceability of the lifting devices once they are put into service” says Knut Buschmann, President of Unirope Ltd. “and we needed to overcome the challenge of information flow between field inspectors, our own administration, and the safety departments of our customers. With Field ID our customers can trace every inspection, repair and movement of lifting devices and have full access to all product inspection history, 24/7.”

This marks the first deployment of the Field ID system. N4 Systems says the product is ideal for other verticals where product inspections and maintenance need to be performed in house, and in the field. The Field ID system integrates with different enterprise systems so it is aware of appropriate product details to allow for accurate inspections of those products. All the data is hosted and maintained by N4 Systems allowing Unirope to focus on product inspections, and not worry about system uptime, data integrity and data backups.

“N4 Systems has always excelled in challenging environments”, said Shaun Ricci, CTO and Co-Founder of N4 Systems, Inc. “Unirope had challenges both in the field and back in the shop. Field ID immediately provides Unirope with a much better inspection audit trail and the ability to perform mandated inspections faster and more accurately. Manual entry has been totally eliminated, giving a direct and substantial cost savings. This industry first will generate a huge competitive advantage for Unirope.”

About Unirope Ltd:

Unirope Ltd., an ISO 9000 certified company, has been specializing in lifting Products since 1956. Unirope supplies a complete range of lifting products to a diverse group of industries including the construction, automotive and steel industry. For more information please visit http://www.unirope.com.

About N4 Systems:

N4 Systems is the world’s leading provider of automated inspection and safety compliancy management software for companies of all sizes.  N4 Systems offers powerful, efficient and easy-to-use Web-based software that dramatically improves the inspections and safety compliancy process. 

N4 Systems’ flagship product suite, Field ID, combines RFID, mobile computers and the Web to allow customers to automate inspections and manage safety compliancy more efficiently, more accurately and more cost effectively.  Field ID is offered in different editions and can be easily customized and integrated into any business environment. 

For more information, call (647) 477-6975 or 1-800-99-N4SYS toll-free in North America.  Email us at contact@n4systems.com, or visit http://www.n4systems.com.

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