Conduct Inspections and Audits Paperless with Field iD.
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Go Paper Free with A-Line Distributiors & Field iD!

Looking to automate your inspection process?

Field iD's inspection solution empowers teams of all sizes to manage and conduct inspections electronically using mobile devices, electronic identification and the web. Field iD will allow you to:
Conduct inspections using mobile devices
With Field iD, use mobile devices to conduct inspections and audits. Inspections have never been easier and faster.
Increase inspection efficiency by up to 70%!
Using Field iD can lower the time it takes to manage your safety inspection programs by 70% or more!
Eliminate messy paperwork
Do you find it hard to keep track of paper records? With Field iD, you will never have to open a filing cabinet ever again! Everything is stored safely and securely online.
Generate powerful inspection reports
How safe is your workplace? How efficiently are you conducting inspections? Field iD allows you to generate powerful reports to show you your inspection performance.

Field iD is the real deal; A powerful, yet easy–to-use tool that provides end-to-end inspection automation system. Sign up for a one-on-one live product demonstration today!