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Certex strengthens client relationships and cuts inspection times by 70% - that’s what we call win/win!


Certex, a global leader in distributing lift products and services with 31 branches throughout the US, found that manually inspecting and collecting inspection data for their customers was growing too onerous to be productive and cost effective. As customers began demanding instant access, the traditional method of tracking, keeping on top of paperwork and transferring hand-written reports to a database became an ineffectual liability. Certex needed a cost-effective way enhance the inspection process and add value to their core offering.


Certex’s Field iD deployment resulted in a massive reduction in paperwork and shortened inspection times by a full 70%.  The ongoing solution offered by Field iD also means customers can go online and instantly access their full range of products and inspection histories. What’s more, with Field iD handling all inspections automatically on the back end, Certex’s customers no longer need to keep a full time manager of their own on staff to handle inspections and tracking.


According to Certex, “The long term result is that once Field iD is set up for your customers, they’re going to be your customer for a long time. Our competition simply doesn’t offer the same service.” Accordingly, Certex sales staff has been winning new business based on the fact that they can offer Field iD’s revolutionary new service.

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