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“We like Field iD. It’s something our guys can use in the field, on the fly.”


Cranes & Material Handling, now in its fifth year of business, is a regional leader in crane inspection and repair. With four field inspectors conducting upwards of 800 crane and lift inspections per year, they needed an inspection system that was as flexible as they were. As Cranes & Material Handling’s customer base grew to include customers in industries ranging from oil extraction to mining and power generation, they found that their existing inspection and data collection system wasn’t up to the task. They needed a customizable solution that fit.


Field iD’s innovative system offered a three-tiered approach to inspection data collection: 1. It used handheld mobile devices to make crane inspections in the field easier by instantly reading RFID tags and barcodes; 2. All data was instantly transmitted for easy storage and reporting; 3. All inspection data could be retrieved instantly via the internet 24/7, 365 days of the year.


Cranes & Material Handling reports that customers and inspectors have both been very happy with how easy Field iD has been to use. “My guys are using it in the field to do the majority of their inspections. They’re using the handhelds for that, which is really easy. And for our customers, they’ve been going online and reviewing their reports. So far pretty well everyone has been really happy with the system.”

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