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"I encourage all my competitors to start using Field iD. This system is going to save lives. I’m unselfish with it. I show customers and competitors the benefits of this. People’s lives are more important than money."


As a manufacturer of rigging and slings with major clients in the offshore drilling industry, Halo Wire Rope needed to ensure its products were trustworthy enough for such a physically dangerous industry, and compliant with stringent government regulations. Traditional methods of compliance using pen and paper meant critical information was filed away and difficult to access in crucial situations. Halo sought to reclaim its responsibility as a manufacturer and put the company at the forefront of safety compliance best practices – an essential step in an industry where a faulty piece of equipment can mean the loss of life.


By deploying Master Lock’s Field iD system, Halo put in place a user-friendly, 24/7 infrastructure that allows the company and its customers to keep track of every piece of equipment it sells.  By placing Radio Frequency Identification Device (“RFID”) chips in all products, Halo can allow its customers to go online and instantly discover when critical pieces of equipment are coming up for replacement or repair. Halo can also produce customized reports tailored specifically to address customer need. President Ken Ragusa explains, “Field iD is giving us an opportunity to step up, take charge and make sure our customers are using our systems properly.”


In addition to proving itself as a valuable sales tool for the company, Field iD has been helping customers adhere to ASME standards, ensure compliance and save money. Where offshore customers traditionally had to shut down and wait costly hours to produce certifications needed for inspections (in the case of Halo’s offshore customers, this can mean literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour), customers can now produce the records they need instantly. This has had a great impact on reducing revenue losses during the inspection process. What’s more, Halo’s customers can rest assured knowing their slings and rigging systems are in good working order and their employees are safe.

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