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“With Field iD, our customers are getting a service with cradle to grave tracking built right in.”


Since 1942, Jergens Inc. has prided itself on offering “The Standard Components with the Highest Standards.” From humble beginnings as a manufacturer of standard components, Jergens grew into a global leader in below the hook lifting devices for cranes, safety fasteners and workholding solutions. As the company expanded, customers began to demand the ability to track and trace Jergens’ products on a piece-by-piece basis. For a company with customers around the globe, the solution needed to be responsive, efficient and easy to use.


Turning to Master Lock for guidance, Jergens implemented a custom designed, fully automated Field iD system that allows for the serialization of its products through embedding Radio Frequency Identification Device (“RFID”) chips in all the products it manufactures and distributes. Fully deployed, the Field iD solution gives Jergens’ customers the ability to manage safety devices throughout their entire lifecycle. What’s more, all inspection and product data is hosted on the internet, making retrieval swift and simple from anywhere in the world. Plus, since the technology behind Field ID is continually being updated, Jergens knows its system is always up to date.


Since deploying Field iD, Jergens has begun to see an upward trend toward adoption of the Field iD model by its customers. From anywhere in the world, customers are able to log on to Field ID and immediately access product and inspection data – a great marketing feature for the company. According to Sean Stapulionis, Jergens’ GM, “Field iD is helping us to position ourselves as a leader. Globally, it shows that we’re a progressive company. As the Field iD adoption rate continues to climb amongst our customers, so too does our bottom line.”

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