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“Now we can be more confident than ever that our workers are safe, our jobsites meet safety regulations and that we are audit-ready.”


McShane Construction sets high standards for worker safety and, like any contractor, must ensure compliance with OSHA requirements. The company oversees many subcontractors, each responsible for their own workers and equipment. McShane is obliged to demonstrate thorough oversight of all project activities, including those managed by its subcontractors. If a deficiency is found in a subcontractor’s equipment or any QA/QC or jobsite safety audit, the company must show that it has reported the problem and sought a remedy. McShane Construction sought a better way to oversee safety compliance at numerous jobsites spread over a wide geographic area, often at remote locations. That's when they found Field iD.


Field iD offered McShane Contruction an innovative system for managing safety with a three-tiered approach to inspections: 1. Using handheld mobile devices to make jobsite safety, QA/QC audits in the field easier by completing inspections electronically; 2. Transmitting all data instantly to an easy storage and reporting system in the cloud; 3. Ensuring all inspection data could be retrieved instantly via the internet 24/7, any day of the year.


After successfully piloting Field iD at selected jobsites, McShane is rolling the system out company-wide. The company reports an “incredible response” from the construction superintendants who use it, and a fast learning curve that makes adoption easy. With Field iD, McShane now has a powerful tool to inspect and track safety compliance at jobsites across the US. The system has proven to be an efficient and reliable way to enhance both worker safety and regulatory compliance.

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