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"It’s just such an easy product to use and to navigate around. When we got the system, I learned it, and went out and used it to perform an inspection the very next day."


Super Slings Inc., a leading supplier and manufacturer of rigging and safety products to the oil, gas, drilling, mining, transportation and construction industries built its reputation on a commitment to quality and service. As the company grew it became increasingly evident that the traditional pen, paper and excel spreadsheet method of conducting inspections, filing data and tracking critical pieces of equipment wasn’t going to keep up.  In order to make good on their commitment to quality, Super Slings needed to find a more reliable and streamlined safety compliance system.


Working with the team at Master Lock, Super Slings deployed a custom designed, fully automated system using Field iD’s handheld mobile devices, RFID and barcodes, desktop computers and the Internet to fully automate their safety compliance inspection process.  The Field iD solution means Super Slings’ can conduct inspections with one click, save the data automatically and instantly produce tracking reports for every one of their products.  It also means that their certified inspectors can conduct highly accurate inspections on-site for their clients, helping them remain compliant and fully up to date.


According to Brant Peters, the accuracy and traceability Field iD brings to the table is second to none. “Our company may be one of the smaller guys on the block, but with Field iD, we can guarantee we know where everyone of our products has gone.  Not all companies can say that.”  Field iD has also helped the company stand firm on their commitment to servicing their clients.  “Field iD is a major value added service for our customers. Sure, there were some start up costs, but when you’re talking rigging and slings, you just can’t put a price on safety.”

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