The New Model for Safety Success

Inspection and safety compliance management (ISCM) is extremely important and an increasingly harder process to manage. In this whitepaper, you will learn how to overcome traditional ISCM problems and build a new model for successful safety management in three easy steps.

Digital Mines: Mine Safety in the Cloud

Mine owners and operators face many unique safety protocols and processes. Ensuring complete compliance with regulatory bodies such as MSHA can be a stressful job. In "Digital Mines: Mine Safety in the Cloud," we outline how mining companies can use cloud computing to make safety in mining easier, achieve constant safety readiness, and make mining a safer industry for every miner.

Construction Compliance: Site Safety to the Cloud

Statistics about injuries and workplace safety in the construction industry are startling, but it's possible to build a safety management system that ensures compliance and prevents injury to workers on any jobsite. In "Construction Compliance: Moving Site Safety to the Cloud," you will learn about new tools that can help make construction a safer industry.

Prevention in Petroleum: Using the Cloud for Safety in Oil & Gas

In the oil & gas industry, the stakes are extremely high when it comes to effective safety management, and missteps can quickly become global events. It's more important than ever that health and safety managers in the petroleum industry stay on top of the latest technology. In "Prevention in Petroleum: Using the Cloud for Safety in Oil & Gas," we'll show you how to revamp your safety management, improve efficiency, and lessen the risk of non-compliance.