Introducing ISCM - Inspection and Safety Compliance Management

What is ISCM?

Inspection and Safety Compliance Management is all about seamlessly managing a corporation’s safety and inspection process - and increasing workplace safety, reducing liability and saving money. With Master Lock, ISCM is electronically automated using a tool known as Field iD, a completely automated solution that takes the guesswork out of Safety Compliance inspections and reporting. Field iD uses a combination of readable tags, barcodes and RFID, or serial numbers, that can be read by a handheld device to assist in secure asset identification.

Successful implementation of an automated ISCM system ensures that all safety and security stakeholders, internal company inspectors, safety managers, third party inspectors, certifiers and governing bodies have a complete picture of a company’s safety data when it comes time to perform an audit.

Automated vs. non-automated ISCM

Prior to the advent of automated ISCM, companies relied on traditional pencil and paper methods to accomplish what is an extremely important corporate regulatory function. Whenever data was requested by auditors, it was found, or not, via time-consuming manual searches through filing cabinets and individual computers. Field iD eliminates guesswork by collecting and storing all relevant data within a secured hosting infrastructure.

The Field iD advantage

100% Electronic Process - Using a handheld device, equipment is identified by scanning a chip or barcode.

  • Each unique serial number is read automatically
  • Human error is eliminated
  • Data is stored instantly for immediate identification

Electronic Inspection – All data is surveyed online or via a handheld device.

  • Paperless data entry
  • Recommendations and deficiencies can be prioritized
  • Digital checklists are available at the click of a button

Electronic Reporting - All certificates and inspection data are stored securely on the web.

  • Immediate, 24/7 access
  • Data is secured with daily backups